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About Fetal Brain Course

This postgraduate course was planned as onsite course well before but could not be possible due to Covid-19 pandemy and postponed to June 20-21, 2002.
The picture is getting better but slowly at the moment and decided to make it as online course with the help of new technological improvements. I hope you will enjoy it.

Scientific Program

20 June 2020

Istanbul Timezone 20 Jun 2020 – Saturday
10.30 Introduction Cihat Sen
10.45 Systematic evaluation of brain Panos Antsaklis
11.00 Can we identify changes related to cerebral palsy? Asım Kurjak
11.15 Increased NT and brain lesions Yaron Zalel
11.30 Coffee and discussion
12:00 Holoprosencephaly Petya Chaveeva
12:15 Myelomeningocele? Closed spine bifida? Cihat Sen
12.30 Perinatal brain imaging: Ultrasound and/or MRI Cecilia Villalain
12:45 Spina bifida: Anatomical and functional level: Evaluation Cihat Sen
13.00 Coffee and discussion
13.30 Diagnosis of spina bifida at 12 and 22 weeks of pregnancy Denise Lapa
13.45 Neurogenic bladder: conservative/ interventional approaches Selçuk Sılay
14.00 Current status of fetal spine surgery Denise Lapa
14.15 Coffee and discussion

21 June 2020

Istanbul Timezone 21 Jun 2020 – Sunday
10.30 Corpus Callosum: How easy diagnosis? Francesco D’Antonio
10.45 Cerebellar vermis & cisterna magna Nicola Volpe
11.00 What is wrong with Cavum Septi Pellucidi? Valentina De Robertis
11.15 Coffee and discussion
11.30 Perinatal infections and fetal brain Francesco D’Antonio
11:45 Mild ventriculomegaly: A big problem? Vedran Stefanovic
12:00 Cortical malformations Oluş Api
12.15 Coffee and discussion
12.30 Difficult diagnosis: fetal micro & macrocephaly? Sertaç Esin
12:45 Galen vein, stroke, haemorrhage, cysts and tumours, hypoxia Oluş Api
13.00 Coffee and discussion