The “ERICH SALING PERINATAL PRIZE” was created by the World Association of Perinatal Medicine in 2001 and the prize is awarded at each World Congress to scientists who are currently among the best in the field of Perinatal Medicine.

Erich Saling Perinatal Prize

World  Association of Perinatal Medicine decided to introduce a prize to be given biennially at the Opening Ceremony of the World Congresses to the best scientist in Perinatal Medicine.
Following criteria will be evaluated:
1. The number of original scientific papers published to peer Review Journals during the last 10 years.
2. The number of citation extracted from scientific citation index in a period of 10 years.
3. Significant contribution to the development of Perinatal Medicine worldwide.

ERICH SALING DIPLOMA will be given at the same occasion to the person who apart from his/her scientific production made internationally recognized contribution to overall development Perinatal Medicine.

The Evaluation Committee is chaired by the WAPM President. Nominations should be made 4 months before the upcoming congress WCPM.

ERICH SALING PERINATAL PRIZE Diploma will be given by the President of WAPM

Previous Erich Saling Awardees

2019 Prof.Reuven Achiron Tel Aviv, Israel
  Prof. Apostolos Papageorghiou Montreal, Canada
2017 Prof. Eberhard Merz Frankfurt, Germnay
  Prof. Ola Didrik Saugstad Oslo, Norway
2015 Prof. Luis Cabero Roura Barcelona, Spain
  Prof.Xavier Carbonelll Estrany Barcelona, Spian
2013 Prof. Aris Antsaklis Athens, Greece
  Prof. Manuel Carrapato Porto, Portugal
2011 Prof. Asim Kurjak Zagreb, Croatia
  Prof. Eduardo Bancalari Miami, USA
2009 Prof. Anne Greenough London, UK
  Prof. Joachim Dudenhausen Berlin, Germany
2007 Prof. Frank Chervenak New York, USA
  Prof. José Carrera Barcelona, Spain
2005 Prof. Wolfgang Holzgreve Basel, Switzerland
2003 Prof. Roberto Romero Detroit, USA
2001 Prof. Kypros Nicolaides London, UK