01 June 2022 Wednesday Punta Cana HALL-1 HALL-2 HALL-3 HALL-4 11.00–12.30 WORLD SCHOOL OF PERINATAL MEDICINE: Fetal Brain IAN DONALD ULTRASOUND SCHOOL SODOMEP COURSE CURRENT EVENTS IN PERINATAL MEDICINE SODOMEP COURSE THEORETICAL/PRACTICAL WORKSHOP OF NURSES   How to perform a good neurosonographic examination using low & medium range US equipment  Gustavo Malinger Fetal awareness 4d […]


Courses The Schools will be an incredible opportunity to learn, participate and network with those who are at the forefront of their professional fields. The scientific program will provide you with the most advanced and cutting-edge knowledge in all aspects of perinatal medicine. I am confident that with your attendance and valuable contribution, the overall […]