Message from the President

Dear Colleagues and Friends; 

It is an honour and pleasure for me to welcome you to the World Association of Perinatal Medicine.

WAPM is doing best to serve to the society at the level of scientific research, publication, recommendations, guidelines, postgraduate training as courses, webinars, congresses and try to establish the standards in in the field of perinatal medicine such as mainly obstetrics, neonatology and perinatal genetics.

After the Covid-19 outbreak, our activity has been interrupted and now getting active again in the era of online and virtual communications by means of new technologies. We hope that we will be doing our activity onsite and online together after that and very soon.

During the course of Covig-19 outbreak, we established a registry for Covid-19 in pregnancy and prepared a scientific evaluation of the Covid-19 disease in pregnancy at the international level and the paper “Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes of Pregnant Women with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): The WAPM study on COVID-19” and “Risk factors associated with adverse fetal outcomes in pregnancies affected by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Analysis of the WAPM Study on COVID-19” are almost published very soon. At the same time when the first evaluation is ready we organized a webinar on Covid-19 in pregnancy in May 2020. Another paper “Clinical Management of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in pregnancy: Recommendations of WAPM-World Association of Perinatal Medicine” is about to be published as an advisory document in your clinical practice. The second part of WAPM Study on Covid-19 is ongoing, finishing on the1st of August and planned to publish by August. The Third part of WAPM Study on Covid-19 will be finished on the 1st of November in terms of perinatal outcomes. If you interested (only institutions) to join this WAPM Study on Covid-19 please visit If you are interested to follow courses and webinars please visit

Also we are having the WCPM “World School of Perinatal Medicine” courses as online meetings. WAPM training activity will continue as online course and webinars at the moment, there will be onsite and online events when possible.

If any perinatal/OB&GYN/Neonatal Society wish to organize any scientific and training activity with help and support of WAPM, it is more than welcome to have proposals.

We wish you all the best and healthy days to come.

Cihat SEN



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World Association of Perinatal Medicine


The World Association of Perinatal Medicine (WAPM) was established and registered as a non-profit making association. The purpose of the Association is to bring together groups and individuals in a World organization in order to promote the science of perinatal medicine for the benefit of the public, in particular by:

a) promoting and disseminating the study, research and knowledge of all aspects of perinatal medicine, in order to attain a higher level of physical and mental health for women, mothers, and their fetal patients and children by improving the quality and provision of perinatal care throughout the world;

b) contributing to the improvement of teaching standards in the profession;

c) proposing guidelines for auditing, evaluation, and clinical care in perinatal medicine;

d) fostering collaboration between the various disciplines interested in perinatal care as well as friendship between individuals from different countries.



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WAPM Board

Position in the Council 2019-2021
President Cihat Sen
President-Elect Marina Degtreyeva
President-Past Milan Stanojevic
Vice President Christoph Berg (Germany)

Ana Bianchi (Uruguay)

Giovanni Monni (Italy)

Secretary General Rodrigo Ayala (Mexico)

Constıtutıon and Organızatıon


The “World Association of Perinatal Medicine” has had three constitutions throughout its history.

First Constitution

The first Constitution, which was written by Prof. Ermelando Cosmi in April 1988, is titled “CONSTITUTION OF THE WORLD FEDERATION OF PERINATAL MEDICINE (WFPM)”. The draft of this first Constitution was written in Italian and English. It is therefore a constitution linked to the first attempt to create a World Association.

Second Constitution

The second Constitution was born as a consequence of the definitive foundation of the World Association. In the first World Congress in Tokyo (1991), the Federation was transformed…


Guidelines for WAPM Congress Bid:

1. The request for WAPM Congress bid comes from the national perinatal organization/association or an individual Perinatologist with the endorsement of his/her Society

2. The bid generally consists of:

  • formal letter from the national organization/society as a conference host sign by the conference president or the individual Perinatologist supported by his/her Perinatology /Obstetrical or Neonatal Society
  • proposed conference dates
  • proposed host city and conference venue
  • accommodation resources, airport/transformation possibilities
  • estimated national/regional audience and international participants


WAPM Individual Membership Requirements and Benefits:

Membership requirements: Any healthcare provider in good standing with local medical licensing authority that provides care to obstetrical, maternal fetal medicine, neonatal or pediatric patients is eligible for membership in the World Association of Perinatal Medicine. The member must agree and obey WAPM Constitution.

Membership fee (2 years): $100

Membership Benefits:

  • WAPM Membership Certificate
  • Two Year electronic subscription- Journal of Perinatal Medicine
  • 10% Conference Registration discount (WAPM Congresses, Ian Donald Schools, Fetus as a Patient Congresses, Patronage Conferences)

WAPM Board Member

Hisham Ahmed Arab Ivica Zalud
Jaideep Malhotra Jaideep Malhotra
Javier Mancilla-Ramirez Marina Degtyareva
Narendra Malhotra Olus Api
Radu Vladareanu Ranjan Kumar Pejaver
Renato Augusto Moreira de sa Rodrigo Ayala
Simona Vladareanu Tuangsit Wataganara
Vincenzo D’Addario