These practice guidelines follow the mission of the World Association of Perinatal Medicine in collaboration with the Perinatal Medicine Foundation, which brings together groups and individuals throughout the world, with the goal of improving the ultrasound assessment of the fetal Central Nervous System (CNS) anatomy.

In fact, this document provides further guidance for healthcare practitioners in the evaluation of the fetal CNS during the mid-trimester ultrasound scan with the aim to increase the ability in evaluating normal fetal anatomy. Therefore, it is not intended to establish a legal standard of care.This document is based on consensus among perinatal experts throughout the world, and serves as a guideline for use in clinical practice.

With Covid-19 outbreak in these days in every country, we do try our best to overcome all problems by not just taking care of our patients at the hospital but also save and protect ourselves and our beloved ones from Covid-19. Covid-19 is challenging everything and everyone into different directions. But we have to keep ourselves active and productive even in these hectic days in our daily life. I hope you are doing well with your loved one(s).

These guidelines follow the mission of the World Association of Perinatal Medicine, which brings together groups and individuals throughout the world with the goal of improving outcomes of maternal, fetal and neonatal (perinatal) patients. Guidelines for auditing, evaluation,
and clinical care in perinatal medicine enable physicians diagnose, treat and follow-up of COVID-19-exposed pregnant women. These guidelines are based on quality
evidence in the peer review literature as well as the experience of perinatal expert throughout the world. Physicians are advised to apply these guidelines to the local realities which they face.We plan to update these guidelines as new evidence become available


Women at risk of preterm birth before 34 weeks’ gestation are routinely given a course of antenatal corticosteroids (ACS) because there is good evidence that treatment reduces neonatal death, respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) and intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH)

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The last publication of the WAPM (in cooperation with other scientific societies), Recommendations and Guidelines for Perinatal Medicine, was presented during the Congress in Florence.

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